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In addition to providing electrical power we offer a range of workshops:

  • Making artist charcoal
    • This hands-on workshop takes people on a journey from gathering hedgerow twigs through to the alchemy of charcoal-making. Participants leave with a tin of nature’s very best artistic material. This also includes discussion about the process of combustion and charcoal making; other uses of charcoal, and biochar.
    • We can also hold a life-drawing space using charcoal made at the event. It’s usually possible to find willing models!
  • Introduction to solar power
    • A tour of our rig, covering the basic concepts of electricity generation, storage, and end-use, including a little geeky stuff on voltage and current etc.
  •  Burning wood cleanly and efficiently
    • A well-worn popular workshop that covers that basics of how combustion works, what happens in an open fire, and how to improve it. The workshop covers how to design a rocket stove, with plenty of practical examples and demonstrations. This has been run by parent company Wild Stoves for many years.

Sometimes our crew are able to offer other workshops, including basket weaving and wood whittling. We’re open to more suggestions.

We always have space for about 12 in fair-weather, and can bring a larger canvas structure by arrangement. All our structures are made of canvas and natural wooden poles – we have a really beautiful, rustic pitch. No flapping plastic gazebos.