Wild Solar Mobile Phone Charging

Phone & chargerWild Solar Logo 75Rather than charging phones in our caravan, we rent out small power packs to enable people to charge their own devices as they enjoy events. We charge a small rental fee, and a returnable deposit.

The power packs have a capacity of about 5000 mAh, sufficient for at least one full charge of a modern smartphone. An iPhone 12 has a battery of capacity about 2500mAh; a Samsung Galaxy S22 is about 3500mAh. Both will easily get a full charge from our packs.

We also have a self-serve mobile phone charging station, which operates 24/7 by donation. Popular with people who just need a quick top up when we’re not open or who don’t have cash for the deposit it’s often a social hub.

The self-serve charger can also be placed in a bar or cafe to attract customers. Get in touch if you’d like to discuss an event.