Which campfire tripod will fit my fire pit?

Customer question

Which fire pit is compatible with the 2 in 1 tripod and hanging bar? We’re looking for a set we can take camping.

Wild Stoves Technical Response

The Tripod and Hanging bar can be used with the Windy Smithy Firepit, though there’s not a lot of clearance between the hook and the base of the firepit. These photos show it in both tripod and hanging bar configuration. When used as a hanging bar there’s about 50cm between the horizontal bar and the base of the firepit: just enough for a bit of chain, the hooks and suspending a campfire kettle.

If you want more clearance, you could consider the 150cm tripod  – though this can only be used as a tripod (the eyes on the top are interlocked together).

What about other combinations? Bamboo poles!

It’s really difficult for us to guarantee any tripods will fit over the wide-range of firepits customers have at home. The best way to check is to loosely bind three canes / sticks together at the desired length (e.g. 150cm) and then position them over your firepit. This way you can satisfy yourself that a give tripod will sit at the right angle, height and clearance for your partcular needs.

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