The highest form of praise: genuine Wild Woodgas Stoves versus the copies

Wild Woodgas Stove Serial Number

Customer question

I’ve been using a knockoff version of your stove from eBay. After some months’ use, the fire box floor is rusted through and showing cracks between the holes. Is there any reason (metallurgical or thickness-related) for your product to last longer than its cheap imitations?

Wild Stoves Technical Response

We get asked about this a lot.

Wild Stoves introduced the Wild Woodgas Stove to the outdoor market 5 years ago, and we still sell the genuine products in the UK and across the world. We are aware there are now many copies of our stove – imitation is the highest form of praise. However, not all stoves are made equal, and we do get feedback like this fairly often about quality and durability issues of the copies.

You can spot a genuine Wild Woodgas Stove by:

  • the unique serial number embossed on the side (see image above)
  • weight (they are 20% lighter)
  • unique pot support design
  • detailed instruction booklet.

Of the many thousands of genuine wild woodgas stoves we have sold over the years we have never, ever, had one returned with disintegration of the components.

Our genuine Wild Woodgas Stoves MKiit are made from high-quality temperature resistant 304 grade stainless steel. It’s possible imitations are made with a lower-grade steel. They need to withstand very high temperatures (charcoal burns at around 1000°C), so material choice is critical.

The genuine MKIIt stove uses thinner (yes, thinner) gauge stainless steel than the copies I have seen; this is made possible by our more complex manufacturing process, which makes it lighter without compromising on strength or durability. Note again – we have never had failure of materials on any MKIIt stove.

All stainless steel stoves do show discolouration and sometimes light rust after use, and we would expect this with normal operation even with high-grade stainless steel.

I have been testing and using the Wild Woodgas Stove for some years now – and my early models are still going strong, even though they are long discoloured and appear a little rusty.

More than just the product…

When you buy a genuine stove, you’re not only supporting the independent British company that helped develop this great stove, but you’re also benefiting from our service and warranty. If there was ever a problem with performance or failure of one of our stoves, we are only a phone-call away and would always solve the problem, if necessary with replacement components, and with expert advice.

4 thoughts on “The highest form of praise: genuine Wild Woodgas Stoves versus the copies

  1. Gareth Warriner says:

    The wild woodgas stove is perfect ive had mine a couple of years and its been tried in all conditions and never fails for the first time in a long time here is a product that does exactly what it says. The best bushcraft/prepping item ive ever bought. Do yourself a favour buy the real deal ive seen the copies theyre pale imitations. Thank you Wild Stoves for your products

    • Jonathan Rouse says:

      Hi – thanks for your comment. I’m not a metallurgist but we do get asked about this quite often. Under normal day to day conditions stainless steel is very resistant to rust due to the coating of Chromium Oxide. However, under more challenging conditions (e.g. extreme heat in a stove) this quality is not so effective, and while stainless doesn’t rust per se, its surface does oxidise a little. We see this in our stoves; not flaking brown rust but a layer of brownish discolouration. You also see this on motorcycle exhaust pipes and so on.

  2. Barry Drakett says:

    woodgas stove versus amazon copies NO contest
    one week in scotland a friends copy is rusty cracked and fit only for scrap bin my genuine woodgas stove
    is still going strong after two years use and abuse

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