Technical Enquiry: Where is the Wild Woodgas Stove designed and manufactured?

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Technical enquiry

I’m interested in purchasing your Wild Woodgas MKIIt Camp Stove. Just to clarify, is the stove designed by you? And is it manufactured in the UK?

Wild Stoves response

Thank you for your enquiry.

We were approached about 6 years ago by a young man from China who claimed to have developed a compact stainless steel woodgas stove that could be dismantled and packed down. It had never been seen on the market before (we would know if it was out there!) and so we did extensive testing, and then took it on as a product across our international market.

We refined the design further in collaboration with the designer, including changes to dimensions, materials, finish and pot support, to give the MKIIt you see today. All the stoves are manufactured in China, and we continue this positive collaboration to date.

Our stove has been widely copied, and although imitation is the highest form of praise, none measure up quite to the spec and design of the original. What’s more, as many of our comments bear witness to, when you buy from a UK company with a landline telephone manned 5 days a week, you get the assurance of ongoing advice and service.

We do also stock and sell a popular Budget Model, a little heavier and with the original pot support.

You may also be interested in this Blog post on the differences between the original and copies of the Wild Woodgas Stove.


One thought on “Technical Enquiry: Where is the Wild Woodgas Stove designed and manufactured?

  1. Steve says:

    I have recently acquired the MK11 version and it is quite simply the best bit of hiking kit I’ve ever owned. I use it almost every day while walking my dogs and I never fail to get enjoyment from it .
    Well done to the young chap from China
    And to Wild Stoves
    Excellent service – promptly delivered
    Can’t recommend enough
    I’m busy saving for the usb charger now 🙂

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