Cooking on the beach: Options for portable wood stoves & kettles

Wood Camping stove on beach

Portable camping wood stoves for the beach

Customer question

I am looking for a simple way of cooking on a beach. We have a Cobb barbecue which we love but I was looking for something a little more portable. I did wonder how the Cobb briquettes might work with something like the Vargo?

I like the look of the Bushbuddy. It would really just be used for a couple of people to cook a few sausages on the beach. I’m also considering an mKettle.

We’re not hardcore backpackers! Just aspiring to be! Thoughts/recommendations much appreciated!

Wild Stoves Technical Response

I see your point about wanting something slightly more portable than the (excellent) Cobb oven. I’m not sure how well the cobb briquettes – or any other charcoal – would work in the Vargo and other stoves designed to burn wood. The reason for this is that wood and charcoal burn in quite different ways: wood likes primary and secondary air, and charcoal likes primary air only, and less of it; stoves tend to be designed for a particular fuel. If you want to stick with charcoal as a fuel we have a range of charcoal stoves now. Did you know you can fuel your Cobb oven with normal lump wood charcoal?

Bushbuddy stove or something bigger

The Bushbuddy is a beautiful stove. I mean, really. But it may be a little small for you, and in many ways it really comes into its own when weight and space are at a real premium.

An alternative slightly larger stove would be the Wild Woodgas Stove (pictured) which is still very compact. This is also fed with small chunks of wood.

Larger still would be a rocket stove: the advantages of these are that you don’t need to cut down driftwood into little chunks: you just feed them in from the front. For beach cooking this makes life very easy. They are robust and can take pretty much any pot or kettle you want to put on them. They’re more bulky and heavy than the Woodgas Stoves, but start from the Horizon at 2.2kg or Econofire at 2.5kg.

You mention sausages: if you’re looking for grill ability the GoGrill is our main BBQ option, which can be added to either the CH5200 Charcoal Stove or the G3300 Wood Rocket stove.

Mkettle or Kelly Kettle? Or maybe combine with a Woodgas Stove?

The mKettle is excellent for being one of the most compact little water-boiling devices on the market, at 500ml. You may be interested in our recent blog post about combining the Wild Woodgas Stove with the smallest Kelly Kettle – perhaps that would be a good combination for you, as you have two products that work independently, but also together. You can boil water fast with the combination, yet remove the Kelly Kettle Trekker, and the Wild Woodgas Stove is a normal, versatile cooker. The Kelly Kettle fits either model of the Wild Woodgas Stove including the budget version.


I would probably recommend the following options:

a) A Wild Woodgas Stove / Trekker Kelly Kettle Combination


b) A rocket stove and a kettle (if you don’t already have an old one knocking around!)

Let us know what you decide!

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