New recycled packaging for wood pellets

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We’re always trying to find new ways of reducing our waste at Wild Stoves. We’ve always used, recycled and recyclable packaging – and even switched to all-paper tape earlier in the year.

We sell a lot of British wood pellets for pizza ovens and our woodgas stoves. They’re heavy, and require tight packing to protect the bags from splitting. Until recently we’ve used cardboard boxes.

Wood pellet reused packagingBeautiful on the inside

We’re now using second-hand plastic sacks from a neighbouring factory. The sacks are squeaky clean, only ever contained chunks of plastic. If we don’t take them they’re disposed of as there is no way of recycling them.

They’re not as beautiful, or ‘eco looking’, as our brown boxes, but sometime the facts speak louder than looks…

Re-using these plastic sacks:

  • gives the sack a new lease of life and keeps them out of landfill – at least for a bit. And any gardener could likely use them for a long time more to come!
  • means one less cardboard box is made up, which means less manufacture, less waste, AND lower carbon emissions.
  • protects your pellets from moisture in transit.

Lower carbon emissions?

Yes! A 40cm cubed cardboard box weighs about 0.5kg, which generates about 1.6kg of CO2 during manufacture, plus the cost of delivering them to us.

CO2 emission figures from

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