Maximum pot or kettle size with the Wild Woodgas Stove?

Wild Woodgas Stove with large 2.2 litre kettle

Customer question:

I’m really interested in your woodgas stove and i see that you recommend the zebra pot to go with that. The zebra holds 0.75 litres and is 14 cm wide right? I find that a bit small for my needs. What dimensions (diameter) would the be the maximum for the stove’s potstand should i buy a larger pot?

Wild Stoves Technical Response

Thanks for your enquiry. The Woodgas Stoves are really intended for catering for a couple of people, being lightweight stoves. So the Zebra pot, or the similar 775ml MSR pot are the ideal size.

The diameter of the stove tops is approx 13cm.

However you can use larger pots & kettles on the stoves. The image shows it supporting a couple of litres of water in the BonFire kettle.

You can go larger still, as the Wild Woodgas Stoves pack a powerful punch. However, because they are designed to support smaller pans, if you’re going to use a Dutch Oven etc. you’ll need to provide some independent support for it, such as a trivet.

Hope that helps!

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