Can you use a Kelly Kettle or MKettle with a woodgas stove?

Kelly kettle mkettle wild woodgas stove

Can you use a Kelly Kettle or MKettle with a woodgas stove?

The customer continues his question: I already own a Wild Woodgas Stove and am thinking of buying a Kelly Kettle or MKettle. Are any of these models compatible with the woodgas stove? How do they work together?

Wild Stoves Technical Response:

We get asked this a lot. Woodgas Stoves are highly efficient combusts of wood*. Kelly kettles have a rudimentary fire in their bases and so are not particularly effective combusts, BUT they make up for this with awesome transfer of heat into the kettle itself through the huge internal surface of the kettle.

Overall performance of any wood-heated system is a factor of:

[Combustion Efficiency (CE)] X [Thermal Transfer (TT)] = [Overall Efficiency (OE)] 

  • Woodgas stoves are high CE but (depending on pot shape, wind conditions etc) not always very high TT.
  • Kelly kettles and mKettles are low CE but high TT.

Ideally a system has high CE and TT. A combination of a Kelly Kettle and Woodgas Stove achieves just this!

Trekker Kelly Kettle fits perfectly with Wild Woodgas Stove

The 0.6 Litre Trekker (the smallest of the Kelly Kettles) is very compatible with the Wild Woodgas Stove. Best of all, you can remove the woodgas stove pot supports altogether and engage the kettle directly onto the combustion chamber! This creates a continuous enclosed combustion and thermal transfer system. It’s as if they were made for each other.

It also fits securely onto both the Budget and MKIIt pot-support styles (see images below).

The MKettle does fit onto the Woodgas Stove, however only with the pot support on, and any flames leaping out around the outside could damage the neoprene cover.

Kelly Kettle Woodgas Stove

The makers of Kelly Kettles are bringing out a Woodgas Stove specifically for their range of kettles to address the very issues we raise here. We don’t yet have a release date, but watch this space for news. Or drop us a line and we’ll let you know when we get them in stock.


*Looking for more information on woodgas and stoves? Check out this helpful Wikipedia page.

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