How much smoke comes off a rocket stove?


Customer query

I am interested in the Petromax RF33 and EcoZoom Versa rocket stoves. Could you tell me how much smoke they give off when in use? Also the Petromax is described as ‘combines stack effect and wood boiler principle’. Please could you explain what this means?
Many thanks – JL

Technical response

The stoves should give off little smoke when in use with an experienced operator and dry wood, though of course being wood burners, they will give off some. It doesn’t take a huge amount of skill, but you get a feel for how the stoves operate and need fuel.

We also have the recently arrived Horizon stove (pictured) which is also an excellent – and slightly lower cost choice.

The stack effect refers simply to the principle of what happens in a chimney: hot air rises, drawing more air in at the bottom, and so on. All rocket stoves use this principle albeit over a very short distance. It means there’s a slightly vigorous burn thanks to be continuous primary and secondary air drawn in at the base of the stoves.

The ‘wood boiler principle’ is less obvious – and we even asked the manufacturer to explain! Despite 20 years in the stove sector, no idea from us I’m afraid – and apologies for the unusual oversight in our product description, now removed. I suspect it is a poor translation from German, or possibly just intended to sound impressive?!

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