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Honey Stove, Vargo titanium and Woodgas Stove for backpacking and heavy trekking

Honey Vargo Wild Woodgas Compared

Question: Which survival / outdoor stove is the best for a substantial expedition this summer? Must be lightweight for carrying, support trangia-sized pots, and be compatible with the tangier burner, as well as be stable and be able to run off wood. I’m thinking the Honey, Vargo or Wild Woodgas stoves.

Wild Stoves Tech Response:

 Any of these stoves would do you well in this situation, but here is a comparison of the models.

The first two are what we call ‘survival stoves‘ … which are basically well-made ways to contain fire, provide some shelter from the elements and wind, and support a small pot. Benefits of these are also that they fold flat so take up very little room.  However, unlike ‘rocket’ or ‘woodgas’ stoves these don’t offer any venting of air or insulation to aid combustion.

  • The Vargo Titanium would certainly be the lightest of the stove, weighing in at just 116g.
  • The Honey Stove weighs in at 362g, but with its flexible slot-together panels does give it a little more versatility, and it would probably stand up to man handling well.

The third option is still very lightweight, and uses pre-heating and venting of air to feed a more intense flame.

  • The Wild Woodgas Stove (Budget or Mark IIt) both offer the same exceptional burn quality, and sturdy pot supports. The don’t fold flat – so if space is an issue consider this… However, they do stow into a pot neatly (specifically the MSR 775ml Stowaway) or any other pot of diameter > about 13cm.
  • Wild Woodgas Budget weighs in at 340g; the MkIIt weighs only 270g and is the lightest model on the market. It also features the improved pot support.

All of the above can support Trangia sized pots, and all can accommodate a Trangia spirit / meths burner.

Hope that helps…

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