Getting started with your Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

Uuni Pizza Oven Combustion

Our Uuni 2S Pizza ovens have been flying off the shelves this Spring. The feedback has been amazing, thanks for your tales and pictures. We do occasionally get some questions about the initial set up and this post answers some of the most common queries.

The Uuni 2S now ships with this Quick Start Guide, which has some great tips as well.

Assembling the Uuni 2S

As pizza ovens go it doesn’t get much easier or quicker than this: clear instructions guide you through easy steps. One point that catches a few people out is the flame-catcher. The purpose of this component is to hold a pocket of super-hot air above the pizza as it cooks, and slow the passage of the gases up and out of the flue. The flame catcher simply slides into the front of the Uuni. Some components need screwing on but this is made super-easy with the supplied alum (hex) key. There’s even a little slot on the base to store this for keeping things tight!

Lighting the pizza oven

There are many ways of lighting the Uuni – including even a gas blow-torch. Predictably here at Wild Stoves we prefer a slightly gentler-touch approach, and use a natural non-toxic alcohol gel, which doesn’t give off any nasty gases. Squirt a couple of tea-spoons of this across the entire top of the ‘fire cradle’ filled with pellets. The pellets will catch in a couple of minutes. Once it’s caught you can start to add further pellets through the hopper, using the trowel (which doubles as the lid for the hopper).

Wood pellets

Most people purchase a bag (or two

Uuni 2S Pizza Oven
Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

) of our high quality virgin British timber wood pellets with their ovens. Each 10Kg is enough to power your Uuni for about 8 hours of cooking!  It’s important you use pellets from a guaranteed clean source: ours have no binding agent or glue, and no waste material in them. Just compacted, dried wood from this country’s woodlands. As with any stove, keep your pellets separate from your food.


The Uuni 2S come with a ‘peel’ (the aluminium sheet with which you insert and remove pizzas). Some people like to have a spare peel; one for unloading and the other with the next pizza ready loaded to push in.

The Uuni cover / bags are useful for carrying the Uuni, but even more for covering it while left outside. These will help prolong the life of your pizza oven, and keep it dry ready for its next outing. However, being made from stainless steel it will last a long time whatever!

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