Can you burn coal in Windy Smithy stoves?

Windy Smithy Stove Diagram

Customer question: 

Can you burn coal in the Windy Smithy stoves, or just wood?

Technical Response:

Coal burns hotter than wood, which means coal-burning stoves are built to withstand higher temperatures. Coal also needs slightly different air supply for optimal burning,

The Windy Smithy stoves are very-much wood burners, and burning coal in them could cause damage – if not immediately, then after prolonged use. Moreover, the air holes are not in the right place for burning coal, which appreciates its air supply from underneath. This is why coal / multi-fuel stoves have grates, which also serve to keep the glowing coal off the bottom of the stove thus protecting it.

There is no option for addition of a coal kit I’m afraid – as really the stove would require a re-design. It would also need firebricks to protect the sides of the stove.

So wood only for these stoves!

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