Alternative British wood pellet fuel for Ooni Pizza ovens

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We’ve been selling Ooni (formerly Uuni) pizza ovens and wood pellet fuel since Ooni’s launch many years back. We have cooked a lot of pizzas in them over the years using our British Virgin Timber Wood Pellets. Once we catered for about 80 hungry crew one evening at the Green Gathering (using two Uuni 3s running concurrently). That kind of pushed the ovens (and me) to the limit. We also use them in our popular Ember Pizza Ovens.

Local versus imported pellets

Uuni wood pellets fuel

We have stocked wood pellets for many years as backup fuel for our ‘Woodgas stoves‘ (our backpacking range of wood-fuelled cookers) and have thought a lot about quality and provenance of the fuel. We alway stock British-made pellets, made from guaranteed virgin timber, with no additives or ‘binding agents’.

Binders are chemicals that are added to some pellets to make them stick together – particularly important for long international journeys. Our pellets are bound together by the natural lignin in the wood, and a high-pressure pelletising process. Our pellets also don’t make long journeys so don’t need any additional binding chemicals.

Buying local means we can guarantee lower carbon footprint of the pellets, as well as know that we are supporting British agro-forestry and industry.

Softwood alternative to hardwood pellets

Softwood and hardwood logs burn quite differently in stoves and open fires. However, this difference does not apply to wood when in pellet form. This is because the main difference between hard and softwood is the density of biomass (and therefore energy) in the wood – there are literally more gaps in softwood. When pelletising you squeeze more softwood into a pellet than you would hardwood, with the resulting products having the same energy and mass density.

Non-brand pellets

We sell British pellets from local companies, in convenient bags that are also sold for use in heating pellet boilers. They work brilliantly in the Ooni, they have been tested by us and customers over many years, have a great track-record, and are lower carbon footprint and thus more sustainable than imported pellets.

What do others say?

Don’t just take our word for it on the science. External references from the web include from Granulco which and which also discuss this in more detail.
Most important for us is safety, taste and sustainability, all of which we’ve taken pains to guarantee.
Do contact us if you have any further questions about the pellets we sell.

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