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Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt Deluxe Kit


The ultimate flexible cooking kit. Wild Woodgas Stove packed into MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot, windshield, flint-steel, lighting paper, survival saw, sporks, drawstring bags.

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This kit includes the MKIIt stove, featuring the improved pot-support, (included in the additional images above). Some of the promo images and the YouTube clip below features the original pot-support design.

By popular demand this Wild Woodgas Deluxe Kit includes everything you might need for cooking up a brew or meal in the wilds:

1 x Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt*IMG_0093

1 x MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot a useful sized pot in which all products marked * can nest.

1 x Aluminium Windshield for sheltering your stove from the elements.

1 x CocoShell Flint Striker Scout* for lighting your stove

1 x Hammaro lighting paper* can be lit with match or spark. Enough for 100 fires.

1 x Survival wire saw for preparing wood

2 x Sporks

2 x Drawstring bags: a small one for the stove; a larger one for the entire kit.

OPTIONAL selection: 1 x Genuine Trangia spirit meths burner

All of the items marked * nest into each other and fit inside the MSR Pot leaving a little room for firelighting gear, teabags or some woodfuel. The ultimate flexible all-in-one cooking kit.

Bought all together the kit saves you over £14.

‘At last a high quality woodgas stove that packs down small enough for backpacking, but is powerful enough to cook a decent meal.’ JME


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