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Wild Woodgas Stove – Budget Model


5.00 out of 5

All the performance of a Wild Woodgas Stove in a slightly heavier package and with the old-style pot support.

An amazing little stove, tried and tested over many years around the world.

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This is the original-style Wild Woodgas Stove, made from slightly thicker stainless steel and featuring the original pot support. At 340g it is still a very lightweight stove, and is much the same in terms of performance and burn. There are many versions of this stoves out there now (imitation is the highest form of praise, we are told!) but we are confident this is the best of the bunch. We also include detailed instructions and tips, as well as no-quibble 6 month warranty.

We even say ‘Complete satisfaction or your money back’.

What people are saying

Search the Internet for the dozens of videos of the Wild Woodgas in action around the world and forum discussions about its merits. Here are a few specific snippets…

‘At last a high quality woodgas stove that packs down small enough for backpacking, but is powerful enough to cook a decent meal.’ JME

‘That’s definitely the nicest wood gas stove I’ve seen yet. Thanks!’ JNT

The Wild Woodgas Stove

The Wild Woodgas Stove is exceptionally efficient and versatile. Like most woodgas stoves it is designed to burn wood more cleanly than any open fire due to its secondary burn. This means more heat and less soot from a few twigs. It will also burn solid fuels (like hexamine) or meths in a Trangia-style burner. The stove packs down small for compact packing, with space inside for fuel & firelighting gear. What’s more, the whole lot packs into a billy can: The MSR 775ml Stowaway is one of the best fits.

Wood-gas stoves create conditions where ‘primary air’ partially combusts wood gas, then inject pre-heated ‘secondary air’ into the top of the combustion chamber to mix with the remaining smoke, resulting in a very hot, clean burn and quick and easy lighting. They produce less carbon monoxide and particulates than open fires, and even rocket stoves. The images show the hot wood gases meeting the pre-heated air, appearing as jets of yellow flame.

This is a ‘passive-flow’ woodgas stove, meaning the secondary air holes are powered by convection rather than batteries and a fan – using the principle that hot air rises. So not only will you never run out of fuel for as long as you can find a few twigs; you’ll also never run out of battery power!

What Wild Stoves think

We love the ingenuity of this stove. The natural draft is effective, the stove burns clean and intensely and it packs down neatly and easily. Best of all its slightly wider base provides an exceptionally steady cooking support for anything from a survival billycan to a ‘family’ pot or kettle. Highly recommended. But don’t just listen to us:

Detailed customer review published on YouTube.

YouTube clip: 1.5 hour burn time from single charge of wood pellets!

See Specifications tab for further detail


1 review for Wild Woodgas Stove – Budget Model

  1. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I ordered two of the Wild Woodgas Stoves – Budget Model, one as a gift and one for myself.

    Upon receipt of the stoves I noticed that one of them had a manufacturing fault. I contacted Wild Stoves via e-mail and within a couple of minutes I received a reply to say that a replacement stove would be posted out to me. I received the replacement stove the next day.

    All that I can say is that pay the extra couple of pounds for an item and shop with a small independent business. You get the customer service.

    I used my stove a couple of days ago, it’s a brilliant piece of kit and it does exactly as advertised.

    I would highly recommend Wild Stoves and their products.

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Type of Product?

Camping stoves

Used for?

Cooking food, Boiling water

How many people?

Individual / small group


Lightweight (backpacking)

Fuel types?

Chunks of wood / pine cones, Wood pellets



Dimensions (assembled)

Diameter 12.5 – 13.6cm (base wider than the top), H 16.3 cm

Dimensions (packed down)

Diameter 12.5 – 13.6cm (base wider than the top), H 6.6 cm


340 g

Heat output

Assuming 30% efficiency, approx 3KW


Hgh-temp stainless steel

Time to boil 1 litre of water

500ml in 5 minutes