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Pocket Stove


The Pocket Stove; flat-packing, lightweight and versatile mini wood cooker, packs down into a tobacco-style tin with space for firelighting gear.

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We are very happy to now be stocking the Pocket Stove, a super-compact stove for cooking on wood, with the option of other fuels including Meths.

Welcome to the exciting world of The Pocket Stove. It does what it says on the tin!

This a flat pack, clip together multi fuel cooking stove for the solo or lightweight outdoors enthusiast, 100% designed and manufactured in the UK. After months of design and experimentation The Pocket Stove was eventually born. Weight, simplicity and functionality were all key along with bomb proof reliability.

The fluted shape encourages a more intense burn from any heat source, yet provides reliable stability for the standard range of small cook pots and military shaped mugs up to 10-12 cm in diameter. It also means that it also provides a pot support as well as windshield for most variations of pop can meths (denatured alcohol) burners.

Simplicity is the key and it has been tested throughout winter, to ensure it can be assembled quickly in the cold.

The adjustable platform offers two burn heights, the top slot for esbit/hexamine tablets and the other for organic matter and pop can stoves. With just the four panels, the standard Trangia burner will locate into the upper slot and the door locks tight. This is the best height for an intense burn. However the same burner will also locate into the lower slot offering two heat settings depending on your needs.

Other ‘top burning’ meths (denatured alcohol) stoves can also be used. Experimentation will indicate the best location for you heat source, either on the square plate, or placed on the ground with the four connected panels placed over the top. Finally, just three panels linked together can act as a basic windshield and pot support, should you ever require it.

Your Pocket Stove package consists of a fire door, a rear panel, 2 x side panels, a base plate and a hinged storage tin.

See Specifications tab for further details.

Assembly options

To burn organic matter
Holding the rear panel in your hand with the prongs facing upwards, slide on the two side panels either side. Place the square base into the lower horizontal slot taking care to ensure the rear of the base plate is correctly placed centrally in the rear panel. Then slide on the door and the stove is complete.

To use with a Trangia burner or hexamine fuels

Assemble as above, however instead of using the square plate, just place the Trangia burner into either of the horizontal slots. Then slide on the door and the stove is complete.

The stove can also burn Esbit/hexamine tablets: assemble as above but placing the square base into the top horizontal slot. Slide on the door and the stove is complete.

Burning Wood

The stoves works more efficiently with small pieces of dried wood no thicker than a pencil.

 Two handfuls of these twigs will boil 500ml of water in approximately 8-10 minutes.

  • Never use green live wood, which will just smoke and not burn. Always look for air-dried wood caught in tree branches, as these catch and burn much more effectively.
  • Don’t overfill the base plate with fuel before lighting, as good combustion requires good airflow.
  • Once the fire is established and there is a good ‘heat’ at the base, add the thicker fuel on a regular basis, to maintain the desired cooking heat.

Fire safety
All fuels give off noxious fumes and wood based stoves are no different. We would always advise you to light any fire in a well-ventilated area, with a good throughput of air, such as under a tarp.

Please note: the stove is designed to be a tight fit the first few times you assemble the stove. This will quickly become easier with use.

Once heat is applied to the unit it may warp slightly. This is normal and doesn’t affect the assembly process or life span of the product.


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Type of Product?

Camping stoves

Used for?

Cooking food, Boiling water

How many people?

Individual / small group


Lightweight (backpacking)

Fuel types?

Chunks of wood / pine cones




Back Panel 31g, Door 26g, Side Panel 31g x 2, Square Base 22g, Storage Tin 54g, Total (Packed) 195g, Total (Stove) 141g


Stainless Steel

Dimensions (packed down)

Base width: 7.5cm, Max Height: 10cm, Sq plate: 7cm x 7cm