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Honey Stove


The renowned Honey Stove; flat-packing, lightweight and versatile mini wood cooker. A staple of bushcrafters and backpackers.

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The honey stove is a multi fuel stove which cooks efficiently with any size or shape of cook pot which will burn organic matter, esbit/hexamine tablets, night light candles, meths, Greenheat Fuel Cells and even the standard Trangia gas burner, or other similar variations.

Flexibility is the key to the design concept. Your cooking vessel can be placed on top, or if less than 12cm diameter, inside the rim of the stove. The Stainless Steel sides will reflect heat inwards and act as a reliable windshield. By sliding two 3mm tent pegs through the horizontal holes in the mid points, your pot (less than 12cm dia) will be supported inside the perimeter walls, and therefore trap more of the generated heat, reducing the time taken to boil.

Your Honey Stove package consists of 5 x side panels, a fire door, a base plate, a Trangia Burner support, a small square plate and a top mesh grill. The base plate is interchangeable in any of the five different side slots.
There are no hard and fast rules, as to which slot you use, or which way is up!  It is entirely up to you and your needs at that particular cooking moment!

Assembling the hexagonal configuration
To burn organic matter/charcoal BBQ briquettes
Option 1: Take a side panel and hold it with the prongs facing downwards. Slide on two other side panels either side and place the base plate in either of the bottom two slots (air flow). Make sure the rear of the base plate sits in the central panel slot.
Slide on a fourth and fifth panel on alternate sides, and then while holding those two panels between your thumb and forefinger, ease the fire door into place.
NB: As the metal is freshly laser cut, this will be a tight fit initially, so may require positive, but not excessive force. This will quickly become easier.
For pots smaller than 12cm, slide two 3mm pegs through the slots at a height of your choice.
Or cook directly on the grill placed on top of the final assembly.
To burn esbit/hexamine tablet
Option 2: Assemble as above, but raise the base plate to the second slot.
For pots smaller than 12cm, slide in two 3mm pegs through the slots at a height of your choice to make the most of the heat generated. Or cook directly on the grill placed on top of the final assembly.
To use a Trangia Burner
Option 3: Assemble as above with the base plate in either of the two lowest slots. Prior to fitting the door, slide in the Trangia plate into two opposing mid slots. Then ease the fire door into place.  If your pot is greater then 12cm, place it on top of the stove. If your pot is less than 12cm slide in two 3mm pegs through two upper holes as support. Or use the grill on top of the assembly as support. For maximum wind protection, you have the option to assemble the stove with the Trangia plate lower down, and therefore the base of the pot is enclosed within the perimeter of the stove for maximum wind protection.To use Trangia Gas or other Trangia Fitting Multifuel Convertor
Option 4: Assemble as above but start with the prongs facing upwards on the first panel, so the door fits on last with the wider section at the top of the stove. This allows the fuel line to exit the unit without obstruction.

Please note: It is designed to be a tight fit the first few times you assemble the stove. This will quickly become easier with use.

See Specifications tab for further details.


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Type of Product?

Camping stoves

Used for?

Cooking food, Boiling water

How many people?

Individual / small group


Lightweight (backpacking)

Fuel types?

Chunks of wood / pine cones, Long sticks




Base 57g, Door 25g, Sides 5 x 42g, Square Plate 20g, Top Grill 34g, Trangia Plate 16g, Total 362g

Dimensions (packed down)

Grill Size: 153mm / 6 inches square, Min Pot Dia to sit ‘on top’ of rim of stove: 13cm, Pot Dia to sit ‘inside’ the rim of stove: 12cm, Side Panel Height: 12.3cm, Side Panel Width: 7cm


Weight capacity of stove: Tested to 10kg


Stainless Steel