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Frontier Stove – including FREE Firestarter Kit


5.00 out of 5

Limited time special offer price! 

Compact and lightweight. Perfect for small space heating or camping, the Frontier Stove will keep you and many friends warm while it cooks your supper!

All orders to UK come with a FREE Firestarter Kit comprising kindling, eco-briquettes & fire lighters to get you up and running the moment you receive your stove.

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The popular Frontier Stove can now be found in campsites, bell-tents and back gardens around the world – and we’re very happy to have been selling this reliable, simple and portable stove for many years.

From the moment we received the Frontier Stove for review a few years back, we are able to highly recommend it. It is devices like this which extend our short season of sitting comfortably outside; we are using it on cool afternoons and evenings to keep the chill away while sitting outside cooking and relaxing. This is one product which we have reviewed, then held on to for team use at festivals, events – and our holidays and BBQs!

Our kettle sat comfortably on the cooking surface and boiled fast. For more intense heat you can remove a pot-hole cover so a pot can sit with its base directly facing the combustion chamber. It’s best fed with fairly small chunks of wood, though once going well you can use larger chunks, feeding at the front, and the draw tends to spread the fire back over time. The baffle allows you to reduce the rate and intensity of burn – a neat addition.

When you’re done, pack up the flue into the body of the stove, pick it up with handle on the side, and easily carry it off to your next destination…

Highly recommended product and great all-round wood burner for space-heating and camp cooking.

[All orders to UK come with FREE Firestarter Kit comprising kindling, eco-briquettes & fire lighters.]

NB: Wild Stoves recommend the use of a Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor alarm when using the Frontier Stove in an enclosed space.

Caution on first use: when lighting the Frontier Stove for the first time, make sure your shelter is well vented as first  time burning of the Frontier will give off an odour of burning manufacturers’ residue. This disappears very quickly with increased heat.

What’s in the Frontier Stove box?

The Frontier Stove itself plus

1 x base section of chimney (41cm) with rotating baffle;

1 x push-on ash catcher

4 x sections of chimney (each 37.5cm);

3 steel legs (yes 3, so cannot wobble). All folds into a neat bundle, with a handle on the side for very easy carrying.

See Specifications tab for further details.


There are many reviews, demos and images out there of the Frontier Stove. One of our favourites, including some recipes, was the VW Vibe Magazine review from 2015.

2 reviews for Frontier Stove – including FREE Firestarter Kit

  1. 5 out of 5


    Love this stove! Its a firm favourite with our friends when we take it out in the evening while camping. Its perfect to sit around and stay warm while the smoke blows out of the chimney way over your head! No smelling of smoke or smoke in your face! Put your kettle on the stove for a continuous pot of hot water. Highly recommended!

  2. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is a fantastic stove, i brought it for my husbands birthday and he spent all day making egg batches, tea and coffee. It is easy to set up and light, cant wait for bbq’s on the beach and lots of evenings outside with our new stove. Delivery was fast and comunication with this company fab. Thankyou.

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Type of Product?

Camping stoves, Wood burners

Used for?

Cooking food, Boiling water, Heating a tent, van, shed etc., Keeping warm outside


Heavy (car camping)

Flue size




Dimensions (assembled)

Depth 45cm, Height (with chimney): 2.4 m, Height of cooking surface: 50cm, Width 25cm

Heat output

Approximately 2.5KW




Outside, Inside

Fuel types?


Dimensions (packed down)

30 x 30 x 50 cm


When assembled, Depth from front leg to back leg 86cm, Width from leg to leg 57cm