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Frontier Plus – Wood burning Camping Stove


The Frontier Plus – new product for January 2017!

Portable woodburning stove for tents, tipis and cabins, or outside for toasty, efficient outdoor cooking and heating.


New product for January 2017!

We are delighted to be stocking the brand new Frontier Plus, a new, improved and more powerful version of the ever-popular Frontier Stove.

Frontier Plus wood burning stove

The Frontier Plus does everything its little brother the Frontier Stove does, with the following additional great features:

  • Glass window on the door, with airwash system to keep the glass clean
  • Secondary air intake to allow for complete control over draw and heat output
  • Adjustable legs so you can adjust the stovetop to your desired height
  • 4-inch flue, for optimum draw and ease of use.

What Wild Stoves think of the Frontier Plus

We have sold the original Frontier Stove for 6 years, and used one at many of our events. They’re a great product. Our stove has seen heavy usage but is still going strong. They remain unmatched for their mix of performance, cost, compactness and portability. Until now.

The Frontier Plus takes all the good aspects of the Frontier and adds the result of many years of field-testing, feedback and product development. The result is a stove which burns betterand hotter, where you can see the fire as it burns (which is practical and beautiful), with better airflow & burn management, and is even height adjustable. All still in a convenient portable bundle which you can sling into the back of the car.

Perfect for installation on a patio, outside a tent, or as a semi-permanent stove in your bell-tent, yurt or cabin.

What’s in the Frontier Plus box?

  • Frontier Plus Stove
  • 5 x flue sections
  • Spark arrestor

See Specifications tab for further details.

*Please note: footprint dimensions are given as a rectangle but the actual footprint will take up less space, as the legs form a tripod with two at the back and one at the front.

The Frontier Plus Flashing Kit has been designed and produced for use with the Frontier Plus Stove to be installed in any fire retardant canvas shelter or for fixing into the roof of your shed, chalets and similar structures.

The Shed Flashing Kit works from angles between 0 degrees to 20 degrees and the 45˚ Flashing has been designed so you can fit your stove in sheds, chalets and similar structures that have a steeper angled roof.

The silicone collar is suitable for temperatures of up to 300 degrees, however it is still best to have this as high up in the shelter as possible, making it as far away from the stove as possible. A minimum distance of 800mm is required.

Frontier Stove versus Frontier Plus

The below photo shows the stoves side by side for comparison.

Frontier Plus Stove compared with Frontier Stove

Wild Stoves accepts no responsibility for the use or misuse of the Flashing Kit and stove. We recommend this for use only with the Frontier Plus. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the shelter used has the appropriate fire retardant qualities necessary. We advise not to leave the stove unattended in the shelter and to make sure it has been extinguished prior to going to sleep. Always make sure the stove is positioned on something fire retardant i.e. fire blanket, as accidental sparks may go straight through the groundsheet. Wild Stoves does not accept any liability to any party for loss or damage incurred by use of the Flashing Kit and stove howsoever caused.


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Type of Product?

Camping stoves, Wood burners

Used for?

Cooking food, Boiling water, Heating a tent, van, shed etc., Keeping warm outside

How many people?

Individual / small group, Family / larger group

Fuel types?



Outside, Inside

Dimensions (assembled)

Firebox: 47cm x 28cm x 23cm (length x width x depth/height), Footprint (legs extended)*: 83cm x 45cm, Footprint (legs shortened)*: 71.5cm x 35.5cm, Height (legs extended): 2.78m, Height (legs shortened): 2. 7m, Height of top plate from floor (legs extended): 48cm, Height of top plate from floor (legs shortened): 40cm

Flue size





Material thickness: 2.5mm (top plate); 2mm (body)