Stock news of £25 ‘Tall’ Wild Woodgas MKIIt Stoves

Wood pellets in wild woodgas stove

In November we announced that we had received a shipment of Wild Woodgas Stoves with a minor manufacturing error that resulted in them being about 6mm taller than usual (about the width of a thin pencil). Otherwise perfect in every way, we offered them at half price rather than see them binned by the manufacturer. It was a large manufacturing run, all bearing our branding and serial number, so we’re the only ones able to sell them.

The first batch we had shipped over sold quickly! A further shipment is on route to our UK warehouse. We haven’t had more manufactured (!) but are just moving stock over to the UK which at this time of year takes a little time.

Our long-time manufacturing partner has now adjusted the jigs and is intending to restart manufacturing the correctly sized model that nests into the 775ml MSR stowaway pot.

Meanwhile – you can pre-order the £25 discounted stoves here.

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