Alternative British wood pellet fuel for Ooni Pizza ovens

Uuni Pro Veg cooking

We’ve been selling Ooni (formerly Uuni) pizza ovens and wood pellet fuel since Ooni’s launch many years back. We have cooked a lot of pizzas in them over the years using our British Virgin Timber Wood Pellets. Once we catered for about 80 hungry crew one evening at the Green Gathering (using two Uuni 3s running concurrently). That […]

Please review us! Facebook, Google & Trustpilot…


As an online store our reputation is hard-won through customer service, great products, and word of mouth. We are always delighted when customers take the trouble to let us know how happy they are. However, as our ‘shop front’ is the Internet, it’s really helpful when customers leave us reviews on the main review sites. […]

EzyStove, Horizon and EcoZoom rocket stoves compared

EzyStove alight

We often get asked what the difference is between our different rocket stove models: namely our signature EzyStove; the Horizon; and EcoZoom. Factory-produced rocket stoves have the edge over home-made stoves in terms of durability, strength and stability. But what’s to choose between different models? There is little difference between them in terms of combustion performance and efficiency: they are […]

Stock news of £25 ‘Tall’ Wild Woodgas MKIIt Stoves

Wood pellets in wild woodgas stove

In November we announced that we had received a shipment of Wild Woodgas Stoves with a minor manufacturing error that resulted in them being about 6mm taller than usual (about the width of a thin pencil). Otherwise perfect in every way, we offered them at half price rather than see them binned by the manufacturer. It was a large […]

Protecting stoves and BBQs from rust over the winter

Cold rain

It’s that time of year when camping gets put away for another year. Of course, all of our stoves are great for year-round use, but even being made of cast-iron or stainless steel, a little care during wet weather goes a long way. Avoid the disappointment of reaching for your stove or BBQ next spring only to find a rust hole […]

Where does ash come from and is it a reflection of quality of combustion?

Campfire ash

People often ask me what wood ash is, and if it is somehow a reflection of the quality of combustion efficiency. It’s an interesting topic, and important for small stoves whose performance can be affected by excess ash. As I understand it: ash is the residual mineral component of wood that cannot be burned (at least not at temperatures […]

Technical Enquiry: Where is the Wild Woodgas Stove designed and manufactured?

Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt TOP

Technical enquiry I’m interested in purchasing your Wild Woodgas MKIIt Camp Stove. Just to clarify, is the stove designed by you? And is it manufactured in the UK? Wild Stoves response Thank you for your enquiry. We were approached about 6 years ago by a young man from China who claimed to have developed a compact stainless […]

Getting started with your Uuni 2S Pizza Oven

Uuni Pizza Oven Combustion

Our Uuni 2S Pizza ovens have been flying off the shelves this Spring. The feedback has been amazing, thanks for your tales and pictures. We do occasionally get some questions about the initial set up and this post answers some of the most common queries. The Uuni 2S now ships with this Quick Start Guide, […]

The highest form of praise: genuine Wild Woodgas Stoves versus the copies

Wild Woodgas Stove Serial Number

Customer question I’ve been using a knockoff version of your stove from eBay. After some months’ use, the fire box floor is rusted through and showing cracks between the holes. Is there any reason (metallurgical or thickness-related) for your product to last longer than its cheap imitations? Wild Stoves Technical Response We get asked about […]