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Crowdfunding headsup! Elephant Box – stainless steel, ethical, tough lunch box…

Elephant Box

This post is from Guest Bloggers Joy and Liz of Elephant BoxThe Elephant Box is a new, stylish and practical stainless steel lunch box … presently in the midst of a crowd-funding campaign. We are looking forward to stocking this fabulous products!

ele2We are two friends based in Dorset who wanted to come up with a solution to all the plastic that is produced and doesn’t last nearly long enough before going into the waste stream.

Up until now, if you wanted to buy a lunch box of this size that wasn’t plastic you would probably be a bit disappointed. As we were. Anyway, we fixed that little problem.

Most of us have heard something about the dangers of plastics to human health and it was while trying to find out what this actually meant in reality that we began to find out some unsettling truths about plastic. There is plenty of information about the potential health risks of plastic but what really woke us up was the damage it is doing to the environment. Check out this inspirational TED talk to find out more.

It has sharpened our ambition to create a something that could make a real difference. We came up with the Elephant Box because we wanted a lunchbox that doubled as a practical storage solution for many other things too.


Crowdfunding is the perfect model for us to generate capital to place our first order.  So we can offer supporters the opportunity to pre-order at a discount one of the first elephant boxes. It’s beneficial for everyone. It’s a transparent, up-front way of raising money. Crowdfunding in this way is beautifully simple as it’s an all or nothing platform. We’ve been given 28 days to raise the money, this means we have to focus in on our networks and embrace the powers of social media which is crucial for any new business, and a steep learning curve for us!  As our campaign goes into its second half spreading our message becomes even more necessary.


Right now we are crowdfunding to raise the capital for our first order of 2000 Elephant Boxes. This will get us started and allow us to continue with our dream of creating a range of stainless steel products that will give people a greater choice. If they don’t want to buy plastic they won’t have to! Simple. We hope to join up with campaigning organisations and green festivals that are already doing so much promote plastic alternatives and green choices for consumers. Our products are being manufactured in a small factory in India. We aim to create strong and personal ties that can benefit everyone involved, including the factory workers; and develop a trustworthy brand that is synonymous with quality and ethics.

To find out more visit our website www.elephantbox.co.uk and www.crowdfunder.co.uk/elephant-box


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