Wild Stoves Foundation LogoThe Wild Stoves Foundation support projects promoting low-cost stoves across Africa and Asia. How does it work? It’s simple:

1. We raise money

A chunk of Wild Stoves’ retail takings are donated to the Foundation, no strings attached. Anyone can also make donations to the Foundation. We will also run fund-raising events from time to time.

2. We donate it to carefully selected organisations

We choose recipient organisations, and periodically donate funds to give direct, verifiable support to change lives through sustainable stove projects in developing countries.

3. We tell you what’s been achieved

We hear back from our partners about what the donation money has achieved, tell you through this website, and keep raising money!

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Wild Stoves Foundation - carrying wood
Carrying wood in Bangladesh

Does Wild Stoves charge customers more to cover the giving?


What’s in it for Wild Stoves?

The Foundation is:

  • an extension of the values of Wild Stoves, which is born out of strong links with developing countries, and is focused on education and awareness raising.
  • an opportunity for Wild Stoves to tell an important ‘bigger story’ about some of what we promote.
  • a way of sharing success, and reducing our environmental impact.

The Foundation is separate from Wild Stoves. Wild Stoves has no commercial interest in the activities supported by the Foundation.

Does it cost much to run the Foundation?

No, your donations will not be eroded by Foundation overheads or staff. Wild Stoves covers Foundation staff time, hosts these webpages, and pays all overheads.

How will charitable causes be chosen?

Twice a year partners will be reviewed and possibly added to. If you would like to be considered for funding, please get in touch.

What do you guys know about all this: you run a shop!?

Fair question. Founder Jonathan Rouse works as a scientific advisor on stove programmes across the world. Now based in the UK, he has spent many years working in developing countries with the charity sector, UN and various private bodies. Like Wild Stoves, he has no commercial interest in the sale or promotion of stoves in developing countries; his work is focused on ensuring quality and sustainability.

Jonathan brings a wealth of contacts and experience to the Foundation from 15 years working in this sector.