Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of outdoor portable wood stoves and equipment on the Web. We are a vibrant business based in the West Country. We are passionate about harnessing wood’s abundant heat in the great British outdoors.

Portable wood stoves

Portable wood stoves leave a light footprint on our planet in terms of low wood consumption, low emissions (see FAQs) and less litter. They also leave less of a trace than open fires. Suitable for lightweight backpacking, camping, fishing, road-side brews or daily use by outdoor-dwellers. Our stoves will make the most of the wood you collect while retaining the magic and romance of this age-old fuel. No more carrying a leaky meths bottle to ensure a hot cuppa; you’re unlikely to ever run out of fuel when carrying a wood stove.

Wood stoves save as much as 80% of the wood required to cook a meal over a small open fire. Which makes these great time- and labour-saving devices. We recognise that sometimes, however, open fires make sense. So we also sell sell equipment for making the best use of these.

About Jonathan – our founder

Jonathan Rouse Wild StovesWild Stoves was founded by Jonathan Rouse in 2010. After more than a decade spent studying wood energy in developing countries, he thought it was about time his friends here in the UK got access to some of the fabulous devices on offer. A graduate in Applied Physics and International Development, Jonathan continues to work as an advisor to organisations ranging from the UN to small charities across Africa and Asia. The Wild Stoves Foundation was established in 2011 and has supported some amazing projects around the world.

Our philosophy is to sell high quality, durable products which we use and know to perform well (even in the damp UK climate), and to provide clear information to help you choose appropriate products and get the best of out of them.

You can meet us at various events & festivals, or invite us to run one for you!

Happy wild cooking!

The Wild Stoves Team