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Can you burn coal in Windy Smithy stoves?

Windy Smithy Stove Diagram

Customer question:  Can you burn coal in the Windy Smithy stoves, or just wood? Technical Response: Coal burns hotter than wood, which means coal-burning stoves are built to withstand higher temperatures. Coal also needs slightly different air supply for optimal burning, The Windy Smithy stoves are very-much wood burners, and burning coal in them could cause […]

EzyStove or EcoZoom rocket stoves compared

EzyStove film

Customer question I’ve been looking at purchasing a rocket stove for some time and considering either the EzyStove or the EcoZoom Versa. I’d be using it mainly at home and occasionally camping but portability is less of an issue over the cooking efficiency and heat it generates. I’ve not been able to find any reviews […]