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Wood-gas camping stoves

Wood gas stoves are ingenious devices which literally turn solid wood into hot gas, then burn it cleanly by introducing pre-heated air near the top of the stove. Combustion performance outstrips open fires, survival stoves and even rocket stoves in terms of efficiency and emissions!

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BioLite Campstove Kit: Basic

£199.95 [In Stock]

BioLite Kit - BioLite CampStove, BioLite Grille and FREE USB flexible-arm 13 LED Lamp. FREE postage to UK Mainland. [Full details...]


BioLite Campstove Kit: Deluxe

£224.95 [In Stock]

The ultimate flexible BioLite cooking Kit. BioLite CampStove, BioLite Grille,Windshield, Flint Striker Scout and Lighting Paper. With FREE USB 13 LED Lamp and includes FREE P&P to UK Mainland. [Full details...]


BioLite CampStove with FREE 13 LED lamp

£149.95 £134.95 [In Stock]

With FREE flexible-arm 13 LED lamp. Introducing the amazing BioLite CampStove. Cook your supper and charge your phone anytime, anywhere!

Price includes free P&P. [Full details...]


BioLite Grille

£69.95 [In Stock]

NEW! BioLite CampStove Grille. The BioLite Portable Grill provides a safe, seamless, and fun way to cook your favourite foods on the wood-burning BioLite CampStove. [Full details...]


BioLite KettlePot

£59.95 [In Stock]

Versatile, neat accessory to the BioLite Stove for boiling water or cooking in. Pours like a kettle, cooks like a pot! [Full details...]


Fuel Starter Pack

£7.00 [In Stock]

The starter pack includes 450g Hardwood Wood Pellets and one sheet of waxed lighting paper. This amount equals one complete charge (1.5 hour burn time). Includes free delivery to UK Mainland [Full details...]


USB 13 LED Lamp

£6.00 [In Stock]

This flexible-arm USB-powered lamp can be plugged into the USB charging socket of the BioLite to provide light during meal preparation. [Full details...]


Wild Woodgas Stove BUDGET MODEL

£35.00 [In Stock]

All the performance of a Wild Woodgas Stove in a slightly heavier package and with the old-style pot support.

An amazing little stove, tried and tested over many years around the world. [Full details...]


Wild Woodgas Stove MK IIt

£49.95 [In Stock]

The ultimate in versatile, lightweight, clean-burning wood-powered cooking. Stable, compact woodgas camping stove. Free delivery to UK mainland. [Full details...]


Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt Deluxe Kit

£99.95 [In Stock]

The ultimate flexible cooking kit. Wild Woodgas Stove packed into MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot, windshield, flint-steel, lighting paper, survival saw, sporks, drawstring bags. Optional Trangia burner. [Full details...]


Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt Duo Kit

£69.95 [In Stock]

Wild Woodgas Stove Mk IIt nested in MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot. The ultimate in flexible camp cooking. Including 2 drawstring bags for the stove and pot.
Optional Trangia spirit burner. [Full details...]


Windshield (Highlander)

£13.95 [In Stock]

Substantially improve the efficiency of your stove with this lightweight, foldable windshield. Effective in high and low winds - ideal for use with the woodgas camping stoves. [Full details...]


Wood Gas Stove LE (small)

£54.95 [In Stock]

The WoodGas Camp Stove is a compact, sturdy wood-gasifier stove. Great value picnic & hiking stove! Free shipping to UK mainland. [Full details...]


Woodgas Stove - Nomadic Trekker (based on the Bushbuddy Stove)

£69.95 [In Stock]

The Trekker Stove is an ultra-light portable camping, backpacking, and general outdoors wood stove that is made in USA. Handmade in the USA by an apprentice of the famed Bushbuddy maker. [Full details...]


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