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Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt Deluxe Kit
Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt Deluxe Kit
OLD STYLE POT SUPPORT - Room for firelighting kit inside the stove, inside the MSR...OLD STYLE POT SUPPORT - A brew up with optional meths burnerOLD STYLE POT SUPPORT - Optional meths burner in placeOLD STYLE POT SUPPORT - Windshield with the Wild Woodgas StoveKit comes with 2 drawstring bags - one for the stove, one for the MSRNew pot support design shipped with this kitNew pot support design collapsed, as shipped with this kit

The ultimate flexible cooking kit. Wild Woodgas Stove packed into MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot, windshield, flint-steel, lighting paper, survival saw, sporks, drawstring bags. Optional Trangia burner.

£99.95 [In Stock]


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Note: this kit includes the Mark IIt stove, featuring the improved pot-support, (included in the additional images above). Some of the promo images and the YouTube clip below features the original pot-support design.

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By popular demand this Wild Woodgas Deluxe Kit includes everything you might need for cooking up a brew or meal in the wilds:

1 x Wild Woodgas Stove MKIIt*IMG_0093

1 x MSR 775ml Stowaway Pot a useful sized pot in which all products marked * can nest.

1 x Aluminium Windshield for sheltering your stove from the elements.

1 x CocoShell Flint Striker Scout* for lighting your stove

1 x Hammaro lighting paper* can be lit with match or spark. Enough for 100 fires.

1 x Survival wire saw for preparing wood

2 x Sporks

2 x Drawstring bags: a small one for the stove; a larger one for the entire kit.

OPTIONAL selection: 1 x Genuine Trangia spirit meths burner

All of the items marked * nest into each other and fit inside the MSR Pot leaving a little room for firelighting gear, teabags or some woodfuel. The ultimate flexible all-in-one cooking kit.

Bought all together the kit saves you over £14.

'At last a high quality woodgas stove that packs down small enough for backpacking, but is powerful enough to cook a decent meal.' JME


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