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Frontier Wood Burning Camp Stove £161.95 incl P&P
Frontier Wood Burning Camp Stove £161.95 incl P&P
Frontier StoveFrontier StoveFrontier StoveFrontier StoveTipi Sleeve SideTipi Sleeve

Compact and lightweight. Perfect for small space heating or camping, the Frontier Stove will keep you and many friends warm while it cooks your supper!

£161.95 [In Stock]


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From the moment we received the Frontier outdoor wood burning camp stove for review a few years back, we are able to highly recommend it. It is devices like this which extend our short season of sitting comfortably outside; we are using it on cool afternoons and evenings to keep the chill away while sitting outside cooking and relaxing. This is one product which we have reviewed, then held on to for team use at festivals, events - and our holidays and BBQs!

Read a review of the Frontier wood burning stove on our Blog or an independent one from Badger Bushcraft here.

Our kettle (kettle not included) sat comfortably on the cooking surface and boiled fast. For more intense heat you can remove a pot-hole cover so a pot can sit with its base directly facing the combustion chamber.

Highly recommended product and great all-round wood burner for space-heating and camp cooking.

NB: Wild Stoves recommend the use of a Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor alarm when using the Frontier Stove in an enclosed space.

Caution on first use: when lighting the Frontier Stove for the first time, make sure your shelter is well vented as first  time burning of the Frontier will give off an odour of burning manufacturers residue. This disappears very quickly with increased heat.

What's in the box?

The Frontier Stove itself plus

1 x base section of chimney (41cm) with rotating baffle;

1 x push on ash catcher

4 x sections of chimney (each 37.5cm);

3 steel legs (yes 3, so cannot wobble). All folds into a neat bundle, with a handle on the side for very easy carrying.

Overall height (with chimney): 2.4 m.

Diameter of chimney: 6cm

Height of cooking surface: 50cm.

Depth 42cm

Width 25cm

Weight: 12kg

Extra lengths of flue can be supplied separately with Frontier Stoves - use the drop-down box when ordering.

Optional Heat Proof Mat

An absolute essential accessory if you are planning to install your Frontier Stove into your canvas tent. This will prevent any stray embers burning through your ground sheet. The heat mat is made from fibreglass coated silicon rubber, with extra sewn in patches for the ‘feet’ of the Frontier to sit on. Size: 1200 mm x 800 mm Weight: 0.6 kg

Optional Frontier Stove Bag

The bag is made from 600D Oxford Polyester, reinforced for greater protection with a small pocket on the front to carry smaller accessories. The bag has a full zipper with two straps for security. The straps are long enough to allow you to strap the Frontier Explorer Water Heater ontop of the Frontier. Size: 450 x 250 x 250 mm Weight: 0.38 kg

Optional Spark Arrester

The spark arrestor has a mid range wire mesh to catch debris. Made from mild steel with dimensions of 95 x 60 x 214 mm and weighing 0.3 kg. There are 3 eyelets at the base of the spark arrestor and guy ropes can be attached if necessary to stabilise in high winds. The spark arrestor can also be used to ‘plug’ the flashing kit when the Frontier is not in use.

Optional Carbon Monoxide Alarm

An essential piece of equipment if installing the Frontier into any enclosed space. Uses 3 x AA battery (supplied), temperature range 40 degree F (4 degree C) - 100 degree F (38 degree C), life span - 10 years. Size 215 x 190 x 45mm

Optional Frontier Flashing Kits

The Frontier Flashing Kit has been designed and produced for use with the Frontier Stove to be installed in any fire retardant canvas shelter or shed.accessories_flashing-kit-tent1

The Tent Kit (shown) includes:

    2 predrilled circular clamping rings
    1 predrilled silicone seal
    6 bolts and screws
    12 washers

Use the drop-down box when ordering this with the Frontier.

Tipi Sleeve

This Tipi sleeve has been designed so that you can safely use your Frontier Stove in a Tipi. The unique design means that it slots in perfectly with your other Frontier Flue sections. The sleeve section needs to be positioned where the flue exits the tipi, so that any fabric touches the 'wings'. These wings defuse the heat from the flue itself.

Diameter:  14cm


Wild Stoves accept no responsibility for the use or misuse of the Frontier Flashing Kit and Frontier Stove. We recommend this for use only with the Frontier Stove and any fire retardant canvas tent, tipi or yurt. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the shelter used has the appropriate fire retardant qualities necessary. We advise not to leave the Frontier Stove unattended in the shelter and to make sure it has been extinguished prior to going to sleep. Always make sure the Frontier Stove is positioned on something fire retardant i.e. fire blanket, as accidental sparks may go straight through the groundsheet. Wild Stoves does not accept any liability to any party for loss or damage incurred by use of the Frontier Flashing Kit and Frontier Stove howsoever caused.

Important notes:

  • From July 2013 all heating appliances to be fitted in houses are required to be CE approved and marked as such. Our stoves have not gone through the testing required for CE approval, but they have undergone the rigorous on-site testing and approval of thousands of happy customers.
  • Unfortunately we will not be able to sell you a stove if it is for fitting into a house. Stoves fitted in caravans, tents, vehicles, Shepherd huts etc. are not required to be CE approved.
  • Wild Stoves are regrettably unable to advise you on safety aspects of stove installation. We are able to help you select the right components for your proposed installation, but only HETAS-qualified bodies can give advice and manage installations. We are always happy to talk about your project and share experience and ideas, but this does not constitute advice and final decisions about and responsibility for installations remain with the customer.

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