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FireDragon Solid Fuel: 1, 2 or 4 for price of 3

£2.99 [In Stock]

FireDragon is a environmentally friendly solid fuel. A new cleaner, greener, and safer fuel, and a great backup in many wood-fuelled stoves. Pack of 6 tablets. [Full details...]


Flint-striker Army

£17.95 [In Stock]

Large version of the flint striker, good for 12,000 strikes. High-quality & aesthetic CocoShell handled, trusted product. Original Light my Fire [Full details...]


Flint-striker Scout

£10.95 [In Stock]

High-quality mini flint striker for all-weather lighting of tinder. CocoShell handle. Original Light my Fire product [Full details...]


Hammaro lighting paper

£5.00 [In Stock]

[Free postage and packing]. Enough for up to 100 fires, this waxy fibrous lighting paper can be lit with a flint-striker and makes lighting stoves effortless. All-natural, non-toxic and biodegradable. [Full details...]


Trangia Meths - Spirit Burner

£13.95 [In Stock]

Not a wood-gas stove! But a useful accessory to the Wild Woodgas Stove, MKettle, or Honey and Pocket Stoves.
Powered by methylated spirits. [Full details...]


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