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mKettle SAS - the mini kettle (500ml)
mKettle SAS - the mini kettle (500ml)
Showing scale against small packet of matchesmKettle - the mini storm kettle (500ml)mKettle - the mini storm kettle (500ml)mKettle - the mini storm kettle (500ml)mKettle - the mini storm kettle (500ml)

Very smart, very cool, very compact. The mKettle is everything you want from a storm kettle in a small package. Capacity for 2 mugs of tea.

Now in annodised grey-finish.

£49.95 [In Stock]


More Information

Now supplied as the 'SAS model': hard annodised grey aluminium inside and out (as reflected in the first product image above: subsequent images of the stove in use are the original aluminium finish). No other detail has changed.

This exceptionally well designed mini double-walled fire kettle comes in a package little bigger than a large coffee mug. It's really compact - no taller than an adult hand.

We were sent one by the UK designers and manufacturers for testing, and are extremely impressed. Out of the box it gives a great impression; the kettle comes with a nylon carry-case and the main body, which holds the water, is encased in a smart neoprene jacket. This serves two useful functions: firstly it reduces heat loss so increasing speed and efficiency of boiling, and also means you can grab hold of it for pouring into your mugs. This kettle combines form and function and looks as smart as its performance.

Vital statistics

Capacity: 530 ml (18 oz, about 1 pint) or 2 mugs of tea

Mass: 370g (13 oz)

Dimensions: 17cm (7”) tall by 10cm (4”) diameter

Composition: Aluminium / neoprene sleeve/ nylon bag. All made in the UK.

Wild Stoves test

We fired this up with some twigs on a cold day in December and had a pint of water (starting from about 10C) boiling in 7 minutes. This is impressive performance in such conditions, and on warmer days you could expect even better. It behaved well - a good draft, and a reasonably clean burn.

If, like us, you often find yourself boiling just a few cups of water, this is a great option. It looks smart and feels well made. We are impressed.

Size comparison


The mKettle is samller than the Poppin and the Origional Storm Kettle.

FAQs from the manufacturer

  1. Why is there an mKettle? We looked far and wide but could not find an outdoor kettle that was light enough and compact enough for our needs. We designed and made it, gave it to a bunch of geologists and outdoor enthusiasts to try it out and feedback was good. As a small British company committed to quality we made mKettles available to everyone October 2010.
  2. What comes in the box? Inside the custom tube (which can be used for long-term storage) are the mKettle and Firebase, Neoprene Sleeve, Nylon Bag, Stopper, and Manual.
  3. Where is mKettle made? The mKettle is handmade (spun) in the UK using new stock aluminium. The Fitted Rip Stop Nylon Bag with D-Rings (which gives over time) is made by tailors in the UK with a long history of tailoring and working with specialty materials. The Neoprene Sleeve is made with higher grade neoprene (yes, not all neoprene is the same) and is made by one of the UK’s last custom wetsuit manufacturers. Why manufacture in the UK? Quality. Yes, it would cheaper to manufacture overseas.
  4. Tell me about the Stopper. The translucent silicone food-grade non-toxic Stopper is usually only supplied to the pharmaceutical industry. Biologically neutral and chemically inert the Stopper is able to withstand temperatures up to +250°C. The Stopper is a remarkable autoclavable (dishwasher safe) engineering achievement. Only insert the Stopper when transporting water.
  5. Is there any Warranty? Because of our engineering and testing for this product we give the mKettle a one year limited Warranty to the original owner. We know nothing is worse than a leaking outdoor kettle, which is one of reasons we made our own. Every mKettle is water tested before leaving our workshops. However, if an mKettle is faulty or leaks, we will fix it, replace it or send your money back. Simple. Please do not boil it dry as we will not warranty this.
  6. Can you ship worldwide? You bet. We ship first class recorded post in the UK and International Signed For (registered mail)/Airsure internationally. For our USA customers we ship from our warehouse located in Beaverton, OR by registered mail given stock supplies. It takes about five to seven days to ship internationally. You will receive a tracking number for your shipment. For even faster service email us.
  7. There are many different outdoor kettles, what makes mKettle special? Some larger outdoor kettles serve different purposes. However, if you want a simple, compact, and ultralight outdoor kettle that is PROVEN to work in the field, the mKettle might work well for you.

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