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Popular Storm Kettle (1L)
Popular Storm Kettle (1L)
Storm kettle cutaway

A trusted old technology for boiling water, anywhere, any weather, in minutes with just a few twigs. Capacity for up to 4 mugs of tea.

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These ingeniously simple devices consist of a double walled chimney which creates a water tank with a large surface area, surrounding the fire. A fire burns in the base which roars up the chimney, boiling your water fast, and with remarkably little wood - just a few twigs will usually do it. A well-proven device, these have been around for years.

How it works

Fill the tank with water, light a small fire in the base of the kettle; you can use a sheet of newspaper to start it, followed by small twigs, cones, dry grass or even dried dung if you have it!

Put the kettle onto the base, and add more fuel through the chimney vent when necessary. Never boil with the cork in! Once boiling, use the handle and the chain from the cork to help you pour the water safely.

What Wild Stoves thinks

We've been using one of these for many years for brews at home, on the beach, at the roadside, and once even next to the Cerne Abbas Giant. Very effective, easy, and fun. The fact that wind actually increases the intensity of the burn is fabulous; angling the air intake into the oncoming gale simply fans the fire. Truly whatever-the-weather.


John Grindlay, who with his wife owns and runs the Eydon Kettle Company, modified the original design and implemented modern manufacturing techniques in the early 1970s. So the heritage and satisfaction with the STORM Kettle continues. All STORM Kettles are carefully made in the UK.

Optional - Storm Jute Bag

Protect and carry your Storm kettle with the Storm jute bag, manufactured by the Eydon Kettle Company.  The bag has enough space for the Storm kettle and bottle of water with a side pocket for matches or other small things.

This bag is endorsed as 'climate neutral' as the carbon has been offset.  Jute is a hardwearing plant fibre and is therefore biodegradable.


To add it to your order select it from the drop down menu. Cost of £3.99


Made from aluminium.

Capacity: 1.0 litre (2 pints) or 4 good mugs of tea.
Diameter: 16.5 cm (6.5")
Height - closed with base in: 25.5 cm (10")
Height - ready for use: 30.5 cm (12")
Weight - 800 grams (1lb 12oz)

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