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Rocket stove cookers

Stoves using the 'rocket elbow' principles to achieve natural-draft clean combustion. The Rocket Elbow (so named because it resembles an arm bent at right-angles around the elbow) is a configuration of cylinders which allow fuel and air to mix in such a way that highly-efficient combustion can take place - releasing much heat and very little smoke.

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Apostol Rocket Stove Midi

£89.95 [In Stock]

A simple, no-nonsense, high-performance rocket stove for convenient, efficient, near smoke-free camp cooking powered by sticks. Boasts some brilliant, unique, design features. An outstanding stove. [Full details...]


EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

£116.00 [In Stock]

A durable and versatile high-efficiency rocket stove that can burn wood, dried biomass or charcoal. New to Wild Stoves, built to last.

Inclusive P&P within the UK [Full details...]


G3 Windshield

£11.95 [In Stock]

The optional windshield adds around 25% efficiency to the performance of this stove by protecting the flames from wind and directing heat up the sides of the cooking pot or kettle. [Full details...]


X DIY Rocket Elbow

£25.00 [In Stock]

Construct your own highly-efficient rocket stove using this fired-clay rocket elbow. Suitable for building into anything from a paint tin to a mud cooker. [Full details...]


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