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Wild Woodgas Stove MSR Stowaway 775ml Pot
Wild Woodgas Stove MSR Stowaway 775ml Pot

High quality stainless steel pot with lid and folding handle. Compatible with the Wild Woodgas Camp Stove which nests precisely in this.

£17.95 [In Stock]


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This high quality stainless steel pot has a lid which is clamped down by the foldable pot handle.

We stock this pot as the companion to our Wild Woodgas Stove MKII: it fits this perfectly when the stove is in its storage bag.  It's also a perfectly sized pot for cooking on it!

NB: the Wild Woodgas Stove MK I (the new woodgas stove sold by Wild Stoves from October 2011 to early February 2012) does not fit into this pot - it is a few mm too tall for the lid to close. That model does, however, fit into the MSR 1100ml Stowaway.

775ml  is equivalent to 3 mugs of tea.

Mass: circa 300g

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