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Flues for Wendy, Louis and Henry
Flues for Wendy, Louis and Henry
Wood Burning Stove FluesWood Burning Stove FluesWood Burning Stove Flues

Build your own bespoke flue system for your Louis or Wendy wood burning stove! Everything you need, step by step: standard flue and/or insulated twinwall, flashing kits, flue hats and fire cement.

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This product page enables you to build your own flue system to vent your Louis or Wendy stove. It may look a bit overwhelming, but by selecting what you want - referring to the brief explanations below - we hope you'll end up with your perfect flue system.

Single_wall_flueStandard flue - single walled enamelled steel

The standard option is vitreous (enamelled) steel, single wall flue pipe which fits straight onto the stove. This pipe has a matching flashing kit and a hat and comes in 0.5m and 1m lengths or multiples of these lengths.

The flashing kit includes all you need to get the flue through your shelter: trim ring, flashing and fixings.

Singlewall Flashing Options

Universal Heatproof Silicone Flashing

Suitable for Aluminium, felt or fibreglass roofs. Fits single skin flue 50-165mm Base 600 x 450mm

Flexible Flashing 4

Suitable for corrugated and metal profile roofs, as well as pressed steel truck and van roofs. Fits single skin flue 75-135mm. Base 305x305mm

Diameters. Wendy: 100mm. Louis: 130mm

Finish: black enamel

Twinwall flue - insulated

Want an insulated flue pipe for the peace of mind this gives when taking the flue through an old caravan roof or wooden shed?

This flue is larger diameter insulated flue pipe, made of stainless steel that comes in sections 0.5m or 1m long.  An adapter is needed to fit this flue to the stove or lengths of single-wall, and a larger flashing kit and hat are needed when selecting this options.

Twinwall Flashing Options

EPDM Rubber Flashing 7

Suitable for Aluminium, felt or fibreglass roofs.Fits Twinwall flue o.d. 180-270mm. (100-200mm i.d).Base 800 x 600mm.

EPDM Flashing 6

Suitable for corrugated and metal profile roofs, as well as pressed steel truck and van roofs.Fits twinwall flue 165-250mm. Base 375x375mm.

Diameters. Wendy: 150mm. Louis: 200mmTwin_wall_flue

Finish: polished stainless steel.

Mixed flue

If you want to benefit from the heat radiation of a single-wall flue, but have the peace of mind of a twin-wall through your roof, this is the option for you. Here we suggest 1.5m of standard flue, an adapter to fit the twinwall, and 1m of twinwall flue. The flashing kit has to match the diameter of pipe, the larger twinwall is the defualt option here.  A larger hat is needed to fit the twinwall flue.

Deflector plates

A deflector plate is a 2mm sheet of hammered-effect aluminium with rounded corners made to protect areas around the stove from direct heat. These come in two sizes:

Large (mm); 1000 x 660.

Small (mm); 660 x 500

Fire cement

We include fire cement as standard so that you have everything you need to get going but you can drop this option.

Not seen what you're looking for - or a bit confused?

Get in touch and we'll explain what's what, and quote for your bespoke flue system.

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