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Fund a stove in Africa
Fund a stove in Africa

For more information on how Wild Stoves supports energy projects in developing countries read our Foundation pages.

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Fund a stove in Africa

Some 3 billion people worldwide cook and heat their homes using inefficient, smoky open fires and rudimentary stoves. This smoke causes the premature death of an astonishing 4500 women and children every day, mostly from respiratory disease in developing countries. Smoke also contributes to climate change.

Some improved stoves, such as the StoveTec rocket stoves, reduce wood consumption for a family by as much as 80% compared with an open fire. These savings can increase a family's disposable income by reducing their expenditure on wood, or free up time where wood is collected. Reduced smoke can lead to improvements in health. Each stove can also result in greenhouse gas emissions reductions of between 1 and 3 tonnes of CO2 equivalent each year. That's the carbon footprint of a return flight from London to Los Angeles!

Wild Stoves has partnered with StoveTec, who for each donation arrange for an extra stove to be sent to areas where projects are underway or planned, directly contributing to the fight against the human and environmental costs of innefficient wood use.

Wild Stoves passes all your money onto StoveTec; we even pay the transaction fees and tax. We're working on finding a way of accepting Gift Aid donations.


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