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Hammaro lighting paper
Hammaro lighting paper

[Free postage and packing]. Enough for up to 100 fires, this waxy fibrous lighting paper can be lit with a flint-striker and makes lighting stoves effortless. All-natural, non-toxic and biodegradable.

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[Free postage and packing]

This surprisingly effective lighting paper is made of chlorine-free fibrous paper pulp and stearin, a naturally-occuring non-toxic biodegradable wax. Burns for a long time with a clean, odourless, hot flame. This is a must-have for English firelighting, where getting a fire going can be tricky with slightly damp wood. It can almost take the place of your kindling.

Pull the paper apart to expose the fibres and this lights very easily with a flint-striker. A match will also do the trick.

Ideal for backpackers and picnickers alike, this is a very lightweight product: 100 grams is sufficient for a week's worth of firelighting (30 fires).

Swedish made by Hammaro, and winner of consumer product tests.

What Wild Stoves think

We now light all our fires inside and out with this: convenient, cheap, doesn't leave your fingers smelling of paraffin, and means you can be a bit more sparing with precious kindling. Particularly impressive flint-striker lighting capability.

What's in the packet?

6 sheets of paper, each with perforations for 3 strips - 18 strips in total, each 20 x 3 cm.

Just a few cm of a strip will usually light your fire. That's about 2g (a few pence) per fire.

Total pack mass 194g.

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