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Rocket Elbow Do-It-Yourself
Rocket Elbow Do-It-Yourself
Paint Can Rocket StoveRocket elbow principlesDIY Rocket ElbowDIY Rocket Elbow

Construct your own highly-efficient rocket stove using this fired-clay rocket elbow. Suitable for building into anything from a paint tin to a mud cooker.

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Paul Stubbs, a rocket stove enthusiast and ceramicist from Somerset, has been developing rocket elbows for some years now, and has partnered with Wild Stoves to offer you the chance to build your own. His rocket elbows are made from clay fired to around 950°C, giving them a good heat-shock capabilities.

The elbows are designed to be incorporated into the heart of a rocket stove design. They could be mounted in a mud, clay, brick, or paint tin surround. What is essential is that the chimney (the long part of the rocket elbow) is surrounded by a thick layer of insulative material: vermiculite, perlite, ash, ceramic fibre blanket, or even a clay-sawdust mix. This low-thermal-capacity layer is one of the key components to a high-performance rocket stove, allowing the chimney to reach high temperatures to combust the wood gases.

These elbows are made to fit a standard 5 litre paint tin; these have formed the basis of many of Paul's previous designs (see extra pictures under the main shot).


These are reasonably tough, and if carefully incorporated into a sturdy rocket stove structure, should last many years. When refuelling, do not push sticks violently into the chimney. As with all unsealed ceramics exposure to rain and freezing temperatures will damage them. The top of the chimney must be protected from the pot bottom, by constructing a mud/stone/metal pot support. If a fine hair crack line appears, this should not cause a problem. Do not put your fires out with water! The heat-shock may be too much!

Rocket stove designs

We suggest searching the Internet for rocket stove designs and choosing the one that suits you best. There is a lot of information out there on this; the principles are all the same - it's mainly the casings and portability that vary. Good luck!


Height: 20.0cm

Depth: 14.0cm

Outside Diameter: 9.6cm

Inside Diameter:  8.0cm

Wall thickness: 8mm

Extension ring length: 28mm each

Grate: 11cm by 6.5cm

Weight: 1,260 grams

*Note this is made of clay so there is variation but we have tried to give the most accurate description we can.

Need a bigger one?

Get in touch and we may be able to help you.

What's in the box?

1 fireclay rocket elbow, 1 ceramic grate, 1 ceramic extension ring.

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