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We sell five main types of stove. Wondering which one is for you?

  • (a) Rocket stoves: sturdy workhorses that will cook anything, and can BBQ when used with a griddle. Ranging from 5 to 8kg, portable but not for carrying long distances. Very efficient and clean burning. Ideal for beach, family camping with a car, backyard or allotment cooking.
  • (b) Wood gas stoves: ingenious lightweight designs from just 280g, suited to backpacking, bushcraft and camp cooking. A viable alternative to carrying gas canisters, and some can be used with a meths burner as backup. Ideal for backpacking, and cooking smaller meals & brews. 
  • (c) Charcoal stoves:  specialist stoves for exceptionally efficient and clean combustion of charcoal. Can also be used as BBQs with a griddle.
  • (d) Storm kettles: very efficient and popular devices for boiling water using just a few twigs.
  • (e) Small-space wood burners: delicious wood-burning heat for caravans, huts, yurts, bell-tents and even small cottages.

The following photograph shows examples of stoves from (a) to (d) for comparison.


Scroll down this page for photographs comparing stoves in each of the 5 categories, including details of price and weight. An apple is included for scale throughout.

Note: Prices in the comparison tables below include cheapest delivery option to the UK Mainland.

(a) Rocket Stoves

  Zoom-Versa_No-Background-150x150  DIY_Rocket_Elbow_4bc750fe1e733

EcoZoom Versa Rocket Stove

Ceramic Rocket Elbow for DIY projects





(b) Woodgas Stoves


 Wild Woodgas Stove

(Natural draft)

 Woodgas Stove LE

(Battery powered)

Biolite Camp Stove

(Thermo-electric powered)


£57.95 + £4.95 P&P





For more information and discussion read the Blog entries on how woodgas stoves compare in terms of size and how they compare in terms of performance.

(c) Charcoal Stoves


 Envirofit Charcoal Compact

 Envirofit Charcoal Ultra





(d) Storm Kettles


 mKettle (500ml)

 Poppin (850ml)

 Origional Storm Kettle (1.5L)







(e) Wood Burning Stoves


 Louis (std) large top

Louis small top








We stock a full range of Flue options for the above stoves.

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