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Kirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litre 'Camp'
Kirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litre 'Camp'
Kirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litreKirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litreKirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litreKirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litreKirtley Campfire Kettle - 5 litre

Durable, traditionally-styled campfire kettle suitable for the rigours of campfire cooking.

5 litre model suitable for family use.

£34.95 [In Stock]


More Information

Traditionally designed and styled good-old-fashioned campfire kettle. These Kirtley Kettles have been at the heart of many wilderness camps, both home and abroad for many years. Their traditional and robust design has made them a real camp favourite. Many kettles have plastic or inferior components which fail when exposed to extreme heat or the naked flame: the handle on this is steel metal, riveted onto the main body.

Sizes and compatibility


1 litre is 3-4 cups of tea. All kettles are compatible with rocket stoves, but only the 2.5 litre model is compatible with smaller stoves.

  • 2.5 litre: suitable for a small family. Compatible with Wild Woodgas Stove.
  • 5 litre: suitable for family camping.
  • 7 litre: large family or group camp. This will comfortably boil enough water for 20 people.
  • 10 litre: this is a large kettle! Group camp or event.

What Wild Stoves think

'Where can we find traditional, decent-sized campfire kettles?' has been among the more common questions we at Wild Stoves have fielded in the last few years. These are great kettles, no-nonsense, and come with a great track record of long service over many bushcraft fires and family camps.

Like ours, this Kirtley Kettle will arrive to your door shiny but in its years of service its blackened finish will bear witness to many happy evenings of friendship around the fire.


0.9mm to 1.6mm gauge aluminium alloy

Riveted powder coated steel handle

Non-drip spout make them the most durable outdoor kettle in the market.

The only non-metal component is the knob on the lid.

Manufactured in South Africa

Guideline boxed weights and sizes:

Capacity (litres)

Mass (kg)

Dimensions (cm)
2.5 0.60 23x20x20
5 0.98 28x26x26
7 1.3 31x29x29
10 1.59 32x30x30

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