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Spirit burner in Wild Woodgas Stove

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Can you please confirm the advantages of using the spirit burner. Is it easier to and quicker to light? Is it as 'hot' as burning wood? Does the Meths last as long as wood?

Technical support response

The Wild Woodgas Stove is primarily designed for burning wood and other chunks of biomass, and it is only when using these fuels that the double-burn really kicks in. 


Which charcoal stove?

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We are going to West Africa in a few months and want to know the very best Stove to use with charcoal. Is your Stove Tec an old model? The one on their website looks like an update.


Frontier Stove operation tips

Customer questionfrontier-stove-water-heater-1_copy

I recently bought a Frontier stove for use in my outdoor gazebo. I had previously used a chiminea situated just outside the gazebo so that the warmth radiated into the room. The Frontier is in the same place. This all happens under a large Maple tree, whose canopy begins about 5-6 feet above the very top of the chimney. Can you tell me if the smoke will be cool at that height, and if it will harm my tree?


Differences between rocket stoves

Customer question

The Eco version, I understand it is from the same manufactuter as the G3 stove (which you do not ship to Sweden), right? What are the main differences between the Eco and the G3? Especially when it comes to "energy output" and durability?


The other brand you are selling, Stovetec, claims in the supplied information that their stoves are vastly superior in "energy output" and durability compared to other brands due to materials and construction. How would you say they differ from the other ones you sell?


Why shield stoves from wind, and how?

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I just bought the Wild Woodgas Stove MK II. Of course you want to sell your windshield, but with all respect I'm thinking about creating my own lightweight windshield. I have two questions before creating it.
1) Is it recommended that the windshield covers the lower holes and the whole way up to the pot or only the upper part of the stove and the pot? If I should cover the lower holes, I will of course leave some distance for air inflow.

2) I assume that the heat will increase when using a windshield, but how is the sooting affected?

WS Tech Support Response:

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