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Press release: Wild Stoves launches in the USA

Press release November 25 2013. Immediate Release.

‘It’s great to see a local company formed in a West Country garage blossom into this vibrant international brand’ Jonathan Rouse, Founder.


Wild Stoves, world leaders in wood-fuelled camping stoves, are one of those pleasant surprises in Bridport. Hidden in an office on West Street, the thriving company promotes ingenious portable camping stoves that cleanly and efficiently burn wood. They are used by outdoor lovers around the world who want convenient, ‘eco’ camp cooking. Business in the UK has flourished in recent years, and as the rest of the world notices, they have just launched a new online store in the USA.


From cosy pubs to African huts...

The real story behind wood fires from Inspired Times.

An interesting magazine exploring environmental issues and holistic living.  This, the 10th issue, features an article by Wild Stoves founder Jonathan about the pleasures and perils of wood burning from hearthside fires close to home to the realities for those whose only choice is to cook on wood.


IN10cover"As the nights draw in and winter approaches, I find myself once again delighting in the evocative aromas of autumn bonfires and smouldering fireplaces in country pubs. Despite finding reassurance in these familiar smells, that somehow connect us far into our past, I am mindful that for more than half the world’s population cooking a meal on an open fire is one of the most dangerous things they do each day." 

Read the article here (PDF)

Who is Jonathan? Read his bio in the magazine.

You can contact the publishers at if you wish to subscribe to this excellent publication.


Wood Seasoning article in The Ecologist

We know that our Wild Stoves customers are a hardy bunch, who wouldn't let a bit of cold and rain keep them from outdoor cooking in all seasons. However, as winter approaches and the nights get longer there's nothing like a blazing fire under your own roof.

Luckily, Wild Stoves' Jonathan Rouse has written a helpful article in The Ecologist, with advice on the best methods of seasoning firewood.



Green Living magazine feature

Green Living is a magazine based in the South West, which is full of tips for leading a greener lifestyle. You can read the latest issue online here. This month it includes a feature on Wild Stoves, with pictures of the fabulous StoveTec Rocket Stove; read the article below.







Wild Stoves featured in Trail magazine

We're famous! August's issue of Trail magazine features an interview with Wild Stoves mastermind and 'pyromaniac' Jonathan Rouse, extolling the virtues of outdoor cooking on wood. You can subscribe to Trail magazine at Read the article for yourself below.





Welcome to Wild Stoves

Welcome to the most comprehensive collection of outdoor wood cooking stoves and equipment on the Web. We are a vibrant business based in the West Country, passionate about harnessing wood's abundant heat in the great British outdoors. 


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