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Can I grill on the Wild Woodgas Stove?

Customer questionFishFry_Fish

I'm loving the look of the Wild woodgas camping stove for my carpfishing. I live real rural and love the idea of not buying meths etc. Can I grill on it as well - e.g. bacon, sauasges etc? What would you reccommend to do this?

Wild Stoves technical support response

Great choice of stove if you want to move away from meths (yet keep some in your bottle, just in case - many meths burners are compatible with the Wild Woodgas).

If you kept the power pretty low (i.e. embers and a little flame) you could certainly grill on the Wild Woodgas - either using a simple wire mesh laid onto the pot supports, or a sandwich of mesh with some pebbles in between is a popular heat diffuser. As with all compact stoves, the area of heat is fairly small, so you're not going to be able to cater for a whole riverside of fishermen with this.

I would probably opt for a small griddle for a fry up as this distributes the intense heat from a woodgas stove across a wider area giving a more even heat.

Hope this helps, WS Tech Support

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