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How does the Wild Woodgas Stove compare with other woodgas stoves?

We know many lightweight backpackers and bushcrafters prefer woodgas stoves because of IMG_0039_copytheir exceptional combustion efficiency and clean burn. A range of models have been available in the UK and elsewhere for some years; this post compares some of their features.

All woodgas stoves share the same principles of ingeniously turning solid wood into hot smokey gas, then burning it cleanly by introducing pre-heated air. Combustion performance of all woodgas stoves outstrips open fires, survival stoves and even rocket stoves!

The following photographs show the Wild Woodgas Stove (far right) side by side other popular models - notably the Bushbuddy (left, similar in size to the Bushcooker) and the Lightweight Woodgas Stove (middle).

When assembled the Wild Woodgas is slightly larger than the others, and can therefore accomodate a slightly larger fire and larger pieces of fuel (sticks & pine-cones) than the smaller stoves. This is an intentional part of its design, as it means greater heat output, as well as longer burn time and less critical refuelling.


When packed down, it is much shorter than either, and takes up around the same volume.It also assumes the profile of many billy cans - notably the MSR Stowaway range (it nests beautifully in the 775ml pot).

The apple is included for scale!


Other popular Woodgas Stoves include the battery-powered small LE and larger XL Woodgas Stoves. The Wild Woodgas Stove is very similar in size to the LE; substantially smaller than both. The LE weighs in at around 700g; the XL weighs 1100g. The Wild Woodgas weighs 280g.

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